What to expect

Everything you do at Archway is your decision. You choose what services you want to use. We will support you with your decisions.

You do not have to talk to the police unless you want to.

Forensic Examination

If your Dr at Archway thinks it is necessary/appropriate you will be offered a forensic medical examination. This is an examination which can collect evidence which may help with your investigation if you have reported to the police or if you decide to go to the police at a later date.

It is better to get this done as early as possible after the assault so that evidence is not lost.

Should I bring anything with me?

Clothing you were wearing at the time:

  • pants
  • bra
  • beltĀ 
  • Any used condom and wrapper
  • sanitary wear that you were using at the time

If your assault involved forced oral sex and you have brushed your teeth since the incident please bring your toothbrush.

What happens when I arrive?

You will meet a specially trained nurse (all our nurses are female) and a sexual offences examiner ( a doctor)
The nurse will talk through with you the choices that you have.
She will also offer you any treatment you may need, such as basic first aid and emergency contraception. She may discuss other treatment such as vaccinations or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to reduce the risk of HIV infection.
You will be at the Archway for about 2 to 3 hours. Most of this will be talking and listening to you to make sure you get what you need. The forensic medical examination only takes a short time.

Sexual Health Screen

This is a health screen to check for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.

It may be too early to test for STI's that may have been caused by the assault.

We will arrange for you to go to Sandyford , G.P. or a local Sexual Health Clinic in your area (whatever you prefer)at the appropriate time to get your tests.

Emergency Contraception and Pregnancy Testing

We can give you emergency contraception if you need it and also carry out a pregnancy test if you think you are already pregnant.

Support and Counselling

Archway support workers provide support for anyone affected by rape or sexual assault that have come through the Archway service.

It can be difficult to talk about what happened. You can take comfort in knowing that Archway specialist support workers are trained to meet the unique needs of survivors and are dedicated to offering judgment-free support.

We offer face to face support as well as telephone support for those struggling to leave their home. Our support is for emotional issues and practical support helping you to deal with and work through the trauma of what has happened to you . This does not involve going over the incident, but working through your worries and concerns and dealing with how you are feeling now.

If you have reported to the police an archway support worker will also support you through the process if your case goes to court. Talking to an experienced support worker to acknowledge your experience will help you to stop feeling so alone. This helps you to understand how the assault has affected you.